Astana Swaha Villa is the private guest house rental. The astana swaha taken from Hindu’s sacred words which is the meaning “a Palace of the Gods”, The logo is full conceptual of Hindu that we called Tri Datu, symbolic of protection and blessing of the Gods Tri Murti; (Brama, Wisnu and Siwa). It’s located at jalan raya semarapurakarangasem sidemen, Banjar Undisan Lantangkatik Sidemen Karangasem, east of Bali. Upon arrival you will welcome and blessed by symbolic of the Gods trough “Tridatu and omkara“who is the savior of the world from the ancient of Kali Yuga.

We believe that everyone who stays with us would be feeling in deference atmosphere, safety and secure, peaceful under protections of the Gods. This concept made to all value guests become happier and convenient under a blessing of the lord so as to return to his native country to continuing the duties and obligations his life back with positive abrasions and feel refresh as a reborn. Spiritually, we offer you a private magical holiday through sidemen peaceful and spiritual positive aura which would be make your meaningful due the most of human beings are born to redeem all his sins and faults of a mass of his past.

Astana Swaha is just taking away about 1.5 hours from Ngurah Rai Airport Bali by a private car through free traffic jump of new toll street by fantastic and beautiful sea view around, and turn right on trough bypass Ida Bagus Mantra Street. Some of interesting places and nice tourist’s destinations around us are affordable. It’s just taking about 45 minutes to or from Sanur, Batubulan, Sukawati, Ubud through Khertagosa Klungkung, Candidasa or padangbay, Montain Batur Kintamani & Besakih (mother temple), absolutely all be in paradise island of Bali.

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